NAK Katsiberis contributed to the rescue of 9,600,000 bees in Evros that were at risk due to a lack of food.

Responding to the call for help from the NGO beeforplanet, which works to raise public awareness about the importance of bees for the environment, the company donated 4,800 kilograms of food for the bees.

The food was delivered to the Evros Beekeeping Association and will be distributed immediately to the 200 beekeeping families in the area, enabling them to continue their beekeeping activities without interruption. By rescuing 9,600,000 bees, biodiversity in Evros is being practically supported following the destructive summer wildfires.

At the same time, the rescue of the bees generates social value with an estimated impact of €10,734,000 for all the residents of Evros, as the value of a living hive produces 100 times its value for society.

The CEO of NAK Katsiberis, Mr. Nikos Katsiberis, stated:“Honoring our commitment to a more sustainable future, NAK Katsiberis responded to the call to rescue millions of bees. The role bees play in the environment is critical: their extinction would pose a threat to much of life on the planet. Therefore, we must all work together to ensure the appropriate conditions for their survival.”