Insurance of Construction Projects
-Energy and Power plant Insurance

Our vast experience at the service of your projects.

ΝΑΚ Katsiberis ensures through the proper insurance coverage that your projects are covered for all risks

We have a high level of know- how and decades of experience in this specialized field, which is why we can offer reliable protection against construction risks, through a wide range of insurance options.

NAK Katsiberis’ portfolio includes studies on PV, wind and Hydroelectric parks insurance coverage with a total power of 10 MW during their construction and operation.

Construction Projects: Why do you need insurance coverage

Infrastructure investments are a high-risk portfolio and today more than ever, the relevant insurance solutions are extremely essential. A construction risk insurance policy covers the insured against any unexpected damage during the construction period,

except from those that are excluded from the terms and conditions of the policy. Every construction company needs that kind of coverage, for major or smaller projects.

Renewable Energy Projects: Why do you need insurance coverage

Current issues such as climate change and the commitments made by countries and businesses

to support the green transition make the renewable energy sector one of the most dynamically growing ones. NAK Katsiberis offers specialized expertise in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, while its insurance services are among the most competitive in the Greek market.

NAK Katsiberis Portfolio in Insurance of Construction Projects-Energy and Power plant Insurance

hydro turbines – PPC

Egnatia Odos Freeway

(Igoumenitsa – Eleftherochori section)

ERGOSE railway line
(Lianokladi-Domokos section)

Wind Park

Megalopolis NPP

(PPC substation)

Egnatia Odos Freeway

(Grevena section – Panagia section)

Concert Hall

of ISAP stations

Lavrio NPP

(PPC substation)

Attiko Metro / Athens metro system
(Aigaleo-Haidari section)

of ISAP stations

Insurance of Construction Projects-Energy and Power plant Insurance: FAQ

What does construction risk insurance policies include?
Construction All Risk (CAR) and Erection All Risk (EAR) insurance policies cover any damages during the construction or erection period. In addition to these damages, civil and employer's liability coverages are included, as well as loss due to business interruption.
Power Plant Insurance: What do the policies cover?
These insurance solutions cover material damages during the construction or assembly period of the project and those that may occur while the plant operates.

NAK Katsiberis having a cutting-edge approach on insurance and a holistic point of view, with the aim of proposing comprehensive coverage, utilizes the most contemporary insurance solutions for solar and wind farms, including coverage for construction, third party and employer's liability, operation, and loss of profits.

What are the major construction risks covered by the relevant insurance policy?

The aforementioned policies can provide coverage for any project regardless of the budget and for any damage from physical phenomena, fire, earthquake, subsidence, landslide, political risks, malicious acts, human error, design and construct. Coverage includes perils in existing constructions during maintenance (basic or extended), until the completion of the contract. Additional third party liability and employers liability is included.

Our experienced team can offer specialized insurance solutions that meet your business’s insurance needs