Mission & Vision


Insurance is not only considered as a form of protection, it is rather a valuable tool. An ally that eliminates insecurities and enhances possibilities. That praises entrepreneurship and empowers us to take a firmer stand. To plan and build our future giving the utmost attention, care and energy.
This modern mindset, which regards insurance as a strength, is what we offer at NAK Katsiberis. We make tomorrow less vague and complicated for you. We ensure more and better options, providing solutions and answers to every challenge, so your business can evolve, operate unhindered and grow.

We are by your side, with deep knowledge, dedication, and a strong market position, supporting each and every step you take forward. Because this is the safest path to the future you envision.



NAK Katsiberis is a trusted ally and a strategic partner of businesses,

offering knowledge and specialized insurance solutions that meet their needs, release its potential and contribute to its development.

“We prepare your business for whatever tomorrow brings”

Our mission is to prepare every business whatever tomorrow brings, through specialized insurance solutions; to reduce the upcoming risks, insecurity, and ambiguities.

Our vision is to play an increasingly leading role in the insurance market, contributing to a better future for everyone: the businesses we serve, the insurance Industry, society.