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Cyber Risk Management Solutions (CyberEdge®)

Online or cyber-security risks can trigger ripple effects inside an organization. We, therefore, have designed a program offering insurance coverage and consultation services that help our clients develop an effective response to cyber-security incidents.

Data Breach Solutions
Solutions that help the insured organizations mitigate the economic effects arising from the loss or the leakage of personal data belonging to their clients or their employees.

Training & Consultation Services  
Clients have access to training and consultation services from cyber breach experts and vetted crisis management agencies that help them prepare and execute an incident response plan. Our offering includes, among others, the following:

  • Technical analysis and forensic investigation following an incident of data breach or leakage.
  • Mitigating damages in corporate and management team’s reputation, following a cyber-security incident
  • Training on online and cyber-security risks
  • Covering third-party costs for Public Relations and Press monitoring services

Management Team Responsibilities
Covers reasonable costs for management team members who need expert advice and consultation on legal and data security assessment issues.

Electronic Data
Covers the costs for restoring, re-collecting or re-generating data that has been lost after a cyber breach or leakage incident.

Corporate Network Operational Disruption (Optional Coverage)   
Covers the loss of net revenues associated with the disruption of the insured organization’s IT network,  as a result of the security breach.

Intellectual Property (Optional Coverage)
Legal costs and third-party claims arising from Trademark or Copyright infringement due to cyber-security breach or employee negligence.

Threats to disclose sensitive data online (Optional Coverage)
Monies paid to third parties threatening to disclose sensitive data they have illegally obtained.

Leveraging the best international practices, NAK Katsiberis underwriters can design and offer tailor-made programs for all types of insurance risks.