Dekelias 9, 143 43, Athens 210 2517 840 (& 850) 210 2527 569


Stavros Andreadis, BoD Chairman

“We started working with ΝΑΚ Katsiberis in 2013. Until today, they have managed to satisfy in full the increased needs and the specialty insurance requirements of our hotel operations. So far, we are very pleased with our collaboration and we would happily recommend their brokerage services to other prospective clients.”


Andromeda Aquaculture S.A.

Dimitris Valachis, Managing Director

“Our partnership with ΝΑΚ Katsiberis goes back for quite some time. Their expertise and their professional conduct have helped building a relationship that is based on trust. Our daily needs are covered quickly and efficiently. On top of that, ΝΑΚ Katsiberis conducts a systematic review of our exposures, helping us forecast and evaluate future risks. I am very pleased with our partnership, as well as with the work ethics of ΝΑΚ Katsiberis.”


SILCIO S.A., a member of ELICA GROUP

Ioannis Samaras & Athanasios Pastirmatzis, Majority Shareholders

“Our line of business requires technical expertise, coupled with quick reflexes and the ability to identify future exposures. So far, NAK Katsiberis Insurance Brokers has fully met our exacting needs and we would, therefore, highly recommend them to other prospective clients.”



Anastasios Binioris, Group CEO

“NAK Katsiberis’ work ethics, their professional standards and their technical expertise give us the guarantees we need that our insurance requirements are fully covered. I am very pleased with our collaboration.”



Alexandros Kikizas, Managing Director

“Our long-term partnership with NAK Katsiberis serves our interests to the utmost,  safeguarding our daily operations. I consider ΝΑΚ one of our strategic partners.”


Olympic Brewery S.A.

Vassilis Andrikopoulos, COO and BoD Member

“NAK Katsiberis, a long-term strategic partner of Olympic Brewery, ensures the interests of company under any circumstances, and helps us reduce our costs whilst acting as our trusted consultant in all insurance market latest developments. A personal consultant upon whom one can rely with no hesitation.”

Olimpiaki Zithopoiia


Konstantinos Oikonomou, Vice President & CEO

“We have been working with NAK Katsiberis for the last 13 years. Starting from a single project, NAK Katsiberis are now handling 100% of our corporate and personal insurance business. I would like to single out Mr. Nikos Katsiberis personally, as well as his team of insurance specialists, on their professionalism. Coupled with their ability to respond quickly, to provide timely information and to personally engage with the interests of their clients, their professionalism made us assign all our insurance business to NAK Katsiberis. In a word, with NAK Katsiberis we feel SECURE, because to find out which of the many insurance offerings better suits our requirements, we need an expert consultant who knows how to identify what is best for our business and us personally, one who is able to provide reliable information and protect our interests! On behalf of Marine Tours, I thank NAK Katsiberis for their impeccable service and their incomparable professionalism.”



Theodoros Karras, Managing Director

“ΝΑΚ Katsiberis has been dealing with our insurance requirements for the last 8 years. They hold a high level of professional service and they respond immediately to our every need. We are 100% happy and we have no hesitation, whatsoever, to recommend their services.”



Xanthos Sarris, Majority Shareholder

“Earnest, experts in their field, flexible and trustworthy. We are truly very pleased with our collaboration.”



Thomas Adamidis, CFO

“ΝΑΚ Katsiberis has helped us build the necessary trust in our relationship with the insurers they proposed. NAK Katsiberis’ direct approach, their willingness to mediate and settle all pending issues, as well as their work ethics are true value-adding elements in this partnership.”

Ahi Carrier