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NAK Katsiberis actively supports the Environmental NGO “Callisto”

NAK Katsiberis actively supports the environmental NGO “Callisto”, in its effort to protect domestic nature and wildlife, including brown bears, wolves and lynx, a critically endangered species.

ΝΑΚ Katsiberis has sponsored two “Callisto” publications, namely G.Iliopoulos and G.Mertzanis books on wolves and brown bears, respectively.

Moreover, ΝΑΚ Katsiberis has published, on behalf of “Callisto”, a desk calendar featuring images from Greece’s wildlife, and is sponsoring the equipment of “Callisto” Wild Animal Rescue team for injured or endangered species of wild fauna.

NAK Katsiberis supports Afidnes Volunteer Firefighting Team

NAK Katsiberis supports MAKIP, a Volunteer Firefighting Team at “Ippokrateios Politeia”, tasked with fire prevention activities and first-response services to Parnitha, Attica’s largest piece of remaining forestland.

MAKIP consists of volunteers aiming to assist the work of all state or private agencies (Fire Department, Mount Parnitha National Forest Organization), as well as other local volunteer teams.

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