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ΝΑΚ Katsiberis offers premium Health Insurance plans from top-tier insurance providers such as BUPA, AXA PPP INTERANTIONAL and CIGNA, long-term experts in international health insurance policies, with access to a wide network of hospitals and medical care facilities. Our partnership with quality insurance providers ensures that NAK Katsiberis clients receive world-class health and medical care, through carefully designed plans that focus on individual needs and characteristics right from the start.

Our flexibility allows us to offer personalized policies, with the option for additional covers when there are additional needs. The worldwide prestige of our partners and their claims management systems, in conjunction with NAK Katsiberis efficient insurance mediation process, ensure that our clients receive the type of care they need, no matter where they are in the world.

We offer our clients quick access to the best health and medical care services around the world, ensuring that, in any mishap, they will get the attention they deserve. By obtaining their plans through ΝΑΚ Katsiberis, our clients can rely on quality health care that is provided by reliable insurers and comes with a great range of added-value services as a standard:

  • Full cover and Direct Settlement
  • Flexible choice of physicians, clinics, hospitals and specialized diagnostic centers around the world
  • No cap on physician’s or surgeon’s fees
  • International cover (through a network of over 10,000 hospitals worldwide, including USA)
  • Higher policy benefit allowance
  • Fewer exceptions

Our INTERNATIONAL plans include:

  • No cap for in-hospital treatment
  • Full settlement for out-of-hospital treatment bills
  • Childbirth and routine newborn care and baby cover
  • Psychiatric Treatment cover
  • Drugs and ancillary hospital cover
  • Check-ups and Vaccinations cover
  • Physiotherapy / Alternative Treatments (Acupuncture, Homeopathy)
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, Return of Mortal Remains
  • Eye test and Optical cover

Obtaining your Health Insurance plan from ΝΑΚ Katsiberis means that you receive quality health and medical care, backed by the best insurers worldwide.