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During the last 15 years, ΝΑΚ Katsiberis has managed to associate its name with efficiency and flexibility, offering a wide range of specialty products, designed to cover niche insurance markets. Leader in many of these markets, NAK Katsiberis boasts a 50% share in Aquaculture coverage, providing knowledgeable solutions to Greek Aquaculture, the growth of which has attracted the interest of many foreign investors.

last two decades have seen a significant growth in Greek Aquaculture, with local companies expanding and investing in foreign markets such as Turkey, Spain and Norway. Aquaculture remains among Greece’s leading export sectors, with a production value ranging between 500 – 600 million Euro per annum.

Insurance Policy Categories

  • Named Perils
  • All-risks

Main types of cover

  • Escape or loss of insured stock
  • Stock Mortality (on an “all-risk” basis)
  • Diseases
  • Theft
  • Malicious Acts

Our insurance plans are designed to provide coverage for Aquaculture facilities, such as hatcheries, rearing stations and off-shore equipment like:

  • Cages
  • Nets
  • Holding facilities

NAK Katsiberis offers risk coverage for fishing and sea transportation of blue-fin tuna to Greek fish farms, including escape or mortality of the insured stock. During transportation, the exposed stock value can reach €3,000,000. Technically demanding risks, such as aquaculture insurance, require a certain level of expertise and a strong understanding of the insurance market.

ΝΑΚ Katsiberis underwriting team offers years of experience and can assist with policies for even the most complex needs.